Refund the people

 Join us in demanding DALLAS City Council and Mayor pass a budget that puts our tax dollars to work addressing the longstanding social and economic needs of our city!

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How do I sign up to speak at the next Council meeting?

Call Dallas City Secretary 214-670-3738

A person wishing to address the City Council must first register with the City Secretary and provide the following information: name, residence address, daytime telephone number, the subject matter to be presented, and whether the subject is on the current City Council Meeting Agenda. A person may register either in person or by telephone. The earliest a person may register for an upcoming City Council meeting is the beginning of the next regular business day following the previous City Council meeting. The deadline for registering to address the council is 9:00 A.M. of the day of the meeting. Consult the City Secretary's information to obtain more information on speaking at a Council meeting.