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Capital Campaign


In the fall of 2018 nine Black pastors and a community organizer, with the desire to simply pastor our community, began working together under the name


Dallas Black Clergy for Safety, Equity and Justice


Since that beginning, we have worked in collaboration with other committed leaders in our community striving to make Dallas and the entire DFW metropolitan area a truly safe, just, and equitable place to live. As established faith leaders in our community we have executed our moral authority to bring clarity of focus and much needed policy change for the unheard and oppressed in our beloved city. We have championed proven solutions to uplift our community and keep our people safe. We have proven that you can win by being righteous, and we continue to demonstrate the power of what it means to be pastors and citizens in the public square.




We want to thank each of you for being our faithful supporters, encouragers and friends along this journey.  


Give LIGHT and the people will find a way ~ Mrs. Ella Baker

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